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NAZOVNI provides contacts of potential partners and an action plan to start exporting.
Who is NAZOVNI for?
The service works with Ukrainian entrepreneurs who want to export: from food or handmade tableware to creative agencies and IT companies.
How does the platform work?
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If the country of export is specified:
  • Fill in the "Export Application"
  • Representatives of the Embassies of Ukraine abroad will analyze the business and provide personalized recommendations to facilitate export: direct contacts with potential partners, lists of exhibitions, etc.
If the country of export is not specified:
  • Fill in the "Market Analysis"
  • The service team will analyze possible markets
    and provide recommendations and an action plan
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Diplomats' answers
Get personalized recommendations from embassies
Oleg Balyka
Embassy of Romania
Contact details and commercial offers were sent to all regional CCIs of Romania; to the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce of Romania, Union of Employers of Romania, and to other relevant organizations and enterprises of Romania. Commercial offers were also registered in the National Business Information System, www.snia.ro(Romania's leading business platform for promoting various areas of economic activity). In addition, we recommend taking part in relevant Romanian exhibitions that fit your company profile.More details about the exhibition events can be found at https://www.romexpo.ro/en/program-expozitional-2022/. In case of Romanian companies applying directly to Ukrainian companies, please inform the Embassy about such cases to agree on further actions.
What will you receive?
Recommendations for choosing a market for export within 3-5 days
Personalized action plan and contacts of potential partners in selected country (within a month)
News, announcements, and invitations to events for exporters organized by Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad
Questions and answers
Who is the platform intended for?

The international platform "NAZOVNI" is designed to provide diplomatic assistance to Ukrainian exporters in foreign markets. Further conditions are mandatory for cooperation with the platform:

  • Registration of the enterprise on the territory of Ukraine;

  • The enterprise is a manufacturerand/or exporter of products/services;

  • A presentation and a commercial offer in English (foreign) language (the system allows uploading mentioned documents);

  • Contact information of a company representative fluent in English (a foreign language) for quick and effective communication with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, embassies, and foreign partners (including a mobile phone with WhatsApp). 

For most exporters, it is enough to carefully fill out the questionnaire to register on the platform. However, we are obliged to refuse registration on the platform if following rules and requirements are not met.  

Who implements the project?

The project is being executed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

How does the platform work?

The representative of the exporting company registers its personal account on the platform. The NAZOVNI team checks an application. After passing the check, the exporting company receives a confirmation message of its registration on the platform. The company then receives next benefits:  

  1. Becomes a member of the Council of Exporters and Investors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

  2. Gets the opportunity to create export applications.These will directly reach Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad and help find partners, and also spread the information about the products of Ukrainian manufacturers abroad.

  3. Grants access to cooperation deals from foreign companies.

  4. Receives access to additional information about foreign markets.

  5. Will be able to receive news, announcements and invitations to events organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for exporters (briefings, forums, exhibitions, business events abroad). 

How to participate in international tenders?

The platform contains information about public procurement and tenders, which are sent to Ukrainian embassies abroad. It also contains general information about the public procurement system in foreign countries. Ukrainian companies can apply to foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine with a request to assist in participating in foreign tenders.

How to create an export application?

In order to apply for export, you need to register on the platform and fill out applications for those countries that you consider the most promising for your company's products. All information must be submitted in English.

Search for partners abroad

Foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine regularly establish and deepen contacts with business circles of other countries, such as representatives of key business associations, importers, and distributors. It’s time to use it! Your requests will help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian embassies and consulates to direct the efforts of diplomats to directions in which Ukrainian exporters interests are met.

Markets and analytics

You can access analytical information regarding the markets of the countries you choose to export to.

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